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Our team is made up of strategists, journalists and creatives working together to give you the right kind of media exposure.

Everything you do or say is public relations.

We are a Vancouver-based boutique PR agency with a focus on the “little guy.” We love getting to know you and dive deep into your business so you can be confident that we’re the team you can rely on. From taking care of your social media to preparing you for the tough questions, we’ll help your business get the exposure it deserves.

Our Team

Ada Slivinski

Founder & Principal

After earning her Bachelor of Journalism degree at Carleton University, Ada started her career in media producing a national TV talk show. She then worked as a reporter in Vancouver where her reporting held politicians to account and sparked a ministry investigation. She has travelled across Canada and into the US to cover stories and elections. After moving into PR, Ada started working in Vancouver real estate where she discovered her passion for helping small business owners tell their stories.

Ada treats every business she works with as if it were her own, and her dedication shines through in every project. Ada writes a weekly column on City Living for 24 Hours Vancouver and appears regularly as a commentator on Roundhouse Radio. In her free time, she enjoys finding hidden beaches and unique Airbnbs.

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Alex Estanislao

Social Media Coordinator

Alex has always had a keen eye for creative visuals. Upon completing her Bachelor Degree in Communications at Capilano University and Digital Marketing courses at BCIT, she realized her true passion was PR. She has gained experience coordinating community events, volunteering as PR and sponsorship coordinator for non-profit organizations, and freelancing as a social media consultantShe understands the need to continuously innovate with the digital world and has a particular passion for connecting a company’unique brand and story to the public through social media campaigns and strategies. You can find her at the hippest Vancouver coffee shops.



Juli Talerico

Photographer & Event Strategist

Juli’s interest in photography began when she inherited her grandfather’s old analog Pentax camera. She brought the camera, and bags of film, with her as she embarked in years of study that would take her around the world. The camera accompanied her to London, England where she studied physical theatre, to the forest in Sweden where she learned the art of Butoh dance performance, and again to an ashram tucked in the mountains of rural India to study yoga.

Apart from documenting the sites and experiences of her travels, Juli explored the ways that art and aesthetics blend in different cultural milieus. Since that time Juli has expanded her experience in photography by taking photos during her partner’s anthropological fieldwork in France and through classes at Emily Carr.



The biggest value in working with Jam PR is their ideas – they thought of things I never would have considered on my own.

Christian Dy – Latitude West Financial

Ada was instrumental in helping me get the marketing and social media off the ground when I launched my business.

Ruby Banipal – Vancity Cryo Bar